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Technology-led Swiss FX marketplace Dukascopy Bank will appoint Mrs. Veronika Duka as its new CEO, building on her continued involvement in all developments from the company’s inception.
Mrs. Duka is a founding shareholder of the Swiss bank, and has performed the role of Executive Manager, at the most senior level within the company alongside fellow founding shareholder Dr. Andre Duka, whose vision sets him among the very upper echelons of the FX industry as a strategic innovator.
LeapRate today discussed the appointment of Mrs. Duka to her new leadership position, on which a senior executive within the bank confirmed that “Mrs. Duka has always been involved in all things relating to the activities and developments within the bank from the day that it was established, and takes an executive role in its daily activity. She is the best person to fulfill the bank’s interest and requirements, as well as to continue the vision and future goals of the bank.”
“Mrs. Duka knows everything that happens within the bank and her appointment represents the best prospect as opposed to recruiting an executive from outside the company” confirmed the company’s spokesperson.
During the past decade, Dr Andre Duka led Dukascopy Bank to develop and embark on a number of unique and avantgarde projects, including the establishment of its own television channel, Dukascopy TV, with its own ultra-modern studios in Geneva, Riga and Kiev as well as generate its own range of end-to-end enterprise technology solutions for electronic trading, the JForex platform, and branch into uncharted territory such as the monthly Geneva Forex Event which combines fashion and haute-couture with Dukascopy’s leading edge technology and the financial world.
More recently, Dr. Duka explained to LeapRate the importance of developing new types of technology which serve purposes other than those offered by many other companies worldwide, a notable example being the Dukascopy Connect secure instant messenger, which takes the company into direct competition with platform-neutral mainstream instant messengers such as WhatsApp, but with the added security of messaging, as transmission is under the stringent auspices of the Swiss bank.
This highly interesting time of leading edge development was spearheaded by Dr. Duka, who is widely renowned as a visionary within the FX industry, with Mr. Broyon having diligently carried out Dr. Duka’s strategic corporate plans.
Speaking to LeapRate today on her appointment as CEO, Mrs. Duka explained “I have been instrumental in the company’s operational direction since the company’s establishment and have always been involved on a macro level with corporate activities. I am fully committed to the development of the bank, and am very excited to take on the challenge as the new CEO of Dukascopy Bank. I know that I have a very good team of professionals who are dedicated, and will secure our growth and stability, from these difficult times during which the entire industry is experiencing lower volatily and volumes, and into the future.”
Dr Duka further stated to LeapRate that “Contrary to what is happening in the market today, Dukascopy Bank since January 2014, has significantly increase its clients trading equity by 21%, and similar percentage to its trading volume.”
Luis Sanchez, First Vice-President of Dukascopy Bank provided his perspective to LeapRate today by stating that “We employees feel proud in welcoming Mrs. Duka as our new CEO, and congratulate her. We wish her all the very best in all aspects of business at Dukascopy Bank.”
After nine years, Swiss FX marketplace Dukascopy Bank is set to wave goodbye to incumbent CEO Alain Broyon.Mr. Broyon’s departure was his own decision, citing personal circumstances as his reason to tender his resignation. LeapRate wishes Mr. Broyon every success in his future ventures, and Mrs. Duka a great future as CEO of Dukascopy Bank.
In the photograph from left to right: Head of Dukascopy TV Andrew Dobrinsky, Dukascopy First Vice President Luis Sanchez, Dukascopy CEO Veronika Dukas, LeapRate Managing Editor Andrew Saks-McLeod, Dukascopy Founding Investor and Executive Manager Dr. Andre Duka.
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